Subject Area Examinations***

You may need to take one or more Subject Area Examinations based on what grade level, subject area, or special student population you teach. There are also multiple pathways to satisfying the examination requirement. Click here to read about these pathways.

Currently, there are 39 different Subject Area Examinations. These examinations consist of one section with the exception of the following subject area examinations which contain two or more subtests. 

  • Elementary Education K-6 (four subtests) 
  • Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3 (four subtests)
  • Middle Grades English 5-9 (two subtests)
  • English 6-12 (two subtests)
  • German K-12 (two subtests)

***In accordance with s.1012.56(5), F.S., requirements for mastery of subject area may be met for a subject requiring only a baccalaureate degree for which a Florida subject area examination has been developed through receipt of a master’s or higher degree from an accredited postsecondary educational institution that the Department of Education has identified as having a quality program resulting in a baccalaureate degree or higher in the certificate subject area as identified by state board rule.


For more information on the Subject Area Examinations, click HERE.










Examinations for Grades K-6 and 5-9

  • Elementary Education K-6
  • Middle Grades English 5-9
  • Middle Grades General Science 5-9
  • Middle Grades Math 5-9
  • Middle Grades Social Science 5-9

Examinations for Grades 6-12

  • Agriculture 6-12
  • Biology 6-12
  • Business Education 6-12
  • Chemistry 6-12
  • Drama 6-12
  • Earth/Space Science 6-12
  • Engineering and Technology Education 6-12
  • Family and Consumer Science 6-12
  • Marketing 6-12
  • Mathematics 6-12
  • Physics 6-12
  • Social Science 6-12

 Examinations for Grades K-12

  • Art K-12
  • Computer Sci K-12
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing K-12
  • ESOL K-12
  • ESE K-12
  • French K-12
  • German K-12
  • Health K-12
  • Humanities K-12
  • Latin K-12
  • Music K-12
  • Physical Education K-12
  • Reading K-12
  • Spanish K-12
  • Speech-Language Impaired K-12
  • Visually Impaired K-12

Examinations for PreK–3 / PreK–12

  • Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3
  • Preschool Education Birth-Age 4
  • Educational Media Specialist PK-12
  • Guidance and Counseling PK-12
  • School Psychologist PK-12

For more information on the Subject Area Examinations, click HERE.