General Knowledge Requirement

In the State of Florida, teachers must demonstrate mastery of General Knowledge as one of the requirements for earning a professional teaching certificate.

Important Change to General Knowledge Requirement (July 1, 2023):

In accordance with s.1012,56 (3)(f), a school district or charter school that employs an individual who does not achieve passing scores on any subtest of the general knowledge examination must provide information regarding the availability of supports and instruction to assist him or her in achieving a passing score. The requirement of mastery of general knowledge shall be waived for the individual who has been provided 3 years of supports and instruction and who has been rated effective or highly effective under s.1012.34 for each of the last three years. 

You may demonstrate mastery of General Knowledge by any one of the following:

  • Achievement of a passing score on the Florida General Knowledge Test earned no more than ten (10) years prior to the date of application
  • A valid standard teaching certificate issued by a US state or territory
  • A valid certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards or the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
  • Completion of two (2) semesters of full-time college teaching experience or the equivalent in part-time college teaching experience
  • Achievement of passing scores on national or international examinations that test comparable content and relevant standards in verbal, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning skills, including, but not limited to, the verbal, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Passing scores identified in State Board Rule must be approximately at the same level of rigor as required to pass the GRE.
  • Documentation of a master's or higher degree on an official transcript or credential evaluation from an accredited institution.
  • Documentation of three years of supports and instruction and ratings of effective and highly effective for the last three years for individuals who have not passed any subtests of the GK Examination (effective July 01, 2023).  

The General Knowledge Test

The General Knowledge Test consists of four subtests to assess the skills and knowledge needed to begin effective careers as professional educators. 

About the Subtests

The subtests are computer-based and scheduled by appointment. They consist of the following:

1. Essay: 1 essay, 50 minutes

2. English Language Skills (ELS) Test: 40 multiple choice questions, 40 minutes

3. Reading Test: 40 multiple choice questions, 55 minutes

4. Mathematics Test: 40 multiple choice questions, 100 minutes

What Scores Do You Need to Pass?

For the Essay: At least 8 out of 12 points
For the English Language Skills (ELS), Reading and Math Subtests: Scaled Score of 200 per subtest

You must pass all four subtests to pass the General Knowledge Test.

Test Fees

One subtest: $32.50
Two subtests: $65.00
Three subtests: $97.50
Four subtests: $130.00

Click Here for Helpful Resources (Includes test content and sample questions, tutorials, reference materials, and more.)